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Air Pumps
Air Pumps

Air pumps are ideal for aeration and circulation in koi ponds. They increase vital oxygen levels and improve water clarity aiding in enhanced fish health and well-being. All pumps have 6' cord and accept 5/8" tubing. 1 year warranty. Stands and Replacement Diaphragms available.

To choose a size of air pump take the pond size as well as the size and number of fish into consideration. In general, use a minimum of 10 liters per minute per 1000 gallons in low fish population conditions.

Suggested Pump Sizes:
Gallons Low Fish Population          Medium Fish Population      

Heavy Fish Population         

1000-4000 40 40 60
4000-8000 60 80 100
8000-12000 80 100 120
12000-20000  100  120 (2)  80

148 - 25 Air Pump (Shown in upper picture)
Produces 25 lpm of air and uses 20 watts of energy.
Suggested Retail Price: $128.00

149 - 40 Air Pump
Produces 45 lpm of air and uses 38 watts of energy.
Suggested Retail Price: $174.00

150 - 60 Air Pump
Produces 65 lpm of air and uses 61 watts of energy.
Suggested Retail Price: $216.00

151 - 80 Air Pump
Produces 84 lpm of air and uses 83 watts of energy.
Suggested Retail Price: $276.00

156 - 100 Air Pump
Produces 100 lpm of air and uses 110 watts of energy. 
Suggested Retail Price: $377.00

157 - 120 Air Pump
Produces 120 lpm of air and uses 130 watts of energy.

Suggested Retail Price: $449.00

Price: $449.00  $103.00 to $360.00
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